Elden Ring, the cut contents reveal secrets about an enigmatic character

Elden Ring, the cut contents reveal secrets about an enigmatic character

Developing a triple-A can prove particularly complicated, forcing teams to constantly change plans for the racing story – even Elden Ring was not, of course, exempt from the intricate manufacturing processes.

The characters of FromSoftware’s open world masterpiece (you can buy the Launch Edition at a discount and fast delivery on Amazon ), whether they are bosses or simply NPCs, have been particularly appreciated by users thanks to their convincing characterization.

However, it seems that one of the NPCs we will meet during the first moments of our adventure in the Interregnum should have, in the initial plans, a much more important role in the adventure, even having his own questline to face.

This is the merchant Kalé , the protagonist of various contents cut but remained hidden among the game files, only recently restored by a well-known dataminer (via Push Square ).

The youtuber Sekiro Dubi, after having already discovered that even a boss of the game should have had his missions , after working for several months has finally managed to bring to light the Kalé questline, implementing it in all respects in Elden Ring .

In fact, there was a lot of curiosity to find out what details had remained hidden for the merchant: attacking him intentionally already left some clues about his fighting skills and intelligence.

If you too are curious to find out in detail the cut questline of Kalé, we will present the video below with all the restored missions: however, we must warn you that there will be heavy spoilers , also relating to the final phase of the adventure.


Obviously, FromSoftware must have decided that its missions contrasted with the quests already present in the title: thanks to the work of the dataminer, however, we can learn new interesting secrets hidden for the lore of Elden Ring .


Speaking of hidden curiosities, fans have discovered that the lyrics of Elden Ring ‘s songs have no meaning : those who hoped for the narrative of heroic deeds will therefore be disappointed.

This obviously can’t make the Interregnum not remain one of the most epic worlds ever created, to the point where it was able to host the most massive dragon ever in soulslike history .

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