Elden Ring, the best way to beat Malenia is… to use Malenia herself

Elden Ring, the best way to beat Malenia is… to use Malenia herself

Anyone who has played Elden Ring , or even just followed the countless discussions of the community, can only know and strongly fear Malenia , one of the most difficult bosses of the whole adventure.

Although this is an optional boss, it is undoubtedly an obstacle that has stopped the progress of a large part of Elden Ring fans (you can buy the Launch Edition at a discounted price on Amazon ), to the point that there is one player in particular who thought of a very original way to take revenge.

As reported by Eurogamer.net , streamer Kwitty23 has decided to humiliate Malenia once and for all with a decidedly unusual tactic: to face her using… Malenia herself.

In fact, remember that after defeating each boss it is possible to obtain their respective weapons, armor and even special abilities, thus almost perfectly imitating the enemy in question.

Obviously, however, a ” boss vs boss ” clash is not possible to perform during a normal run of the game: for this reason, Kwitty23 has decided to impersonate Malenia in her New Game + match , so as to face her once again and establish once and for all who is the best boss.

Curiously, this event revealed a decidedly unusual detail to everyone’s eyes: Malenia seems to suffer in a very particular way from her own attacks , which are extremely effective.

As you can see for yourself in the following clip, the fearsome boss could not help but surrender in a few moments after tasting his shots which, for many weeks, only caused frustration for many players.

The streamer decided to use only Malenia’s technique shown in the clip throughout his run, thus managing to defeat all the bosses of the game: in addition to being the right revenge for many fans, it is therefore yet another demonstration of the incredible power of his techniques.


Either way, the community continues to enjoy discovering the funniest ways to beat Elden Ring bosses, such as using a real musical instrument .

A few days ago, Elden Ring update 1.05 was released : the patch brought numerous improvements, with specific changes based on the version of the title.

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