Elden Ring, one player defeats the Grafted Heir in under a minute

Elden Ring, one player defeats the Grafted Heir in under a minute

The success of Elden Ring is also due to the great charm of the bosses who, as in any soulslike, are scary and at the same time attractive to the players.

Ever since Demon’s Souls , which you can also rediscover on PlayStation 5 , the bosses of From Software have been tremendous from the start, including the tutorial.

In Elden Ring the one to have been talked about most of all is undoubtedly Malenia, who, due to her difficulty, has brought green mice to everyone. And she is so strong that she can defeat the other bosses herself .

Although, it seems, some bosses are now less aggressive than in the past, even if no one has noticed .

As per From Software tradition , the boss you meet in the early stages of the game, trivially the tutorial, is of immeasurable difficulty and basically “you have to” be killed, or run away.

In Elden Ring is the Grafted Heir, an enemy who is also encountered later, who stands between the new Lightless and their history.

Like any soulslike, the Grafted Heir is really very strong , especially for an inexperienced player, in the first game or, trivially, without builds and equipment.

But according to a Reddit user this is not the case, because he defeated the Elden Ring tutorial boss in under a minute :

“Why bother building a build when your starting class is already broken?” , the user Noraje sarcastically asks in his post. Indeed, seeing her her undertaking of hers, she is not entirely wrong.

The class chosen for his new game is that of the Samurai, who thanks to his skill set is a character among those recommended for beginners.

Why bother making a build when your starting class is already busted ? from Eldenring


We don’t know if Noraje is in her first game – probably not, seeing how she moves – but beating the tutorial boss without builds and gear is still quite a feat.

Like that of those who faced Rennala , a much tougher boss, always defeating her in less than a minute.

Elon Musk should definitely learn from this player, because his Elden Ring build isn’t that great – the community told him that too .

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