Elden Ring is about to become a party game, thanks to a new mod

Elden Ring is about to become a party game, thanks to a new mod

Like it or not, Elden Ring is the most talked about game of recent times and is unlikely to disappear anytime soon, especially thanks to mods.

The title of From Software , which you can retrieve on Amazon , has been transformed in the most unthinkable ways thanks to the work of the modders.

There were those who wanted to insert Star Wars within the Elden Ring , creating the possibility of being able to impersonate Darth Vader within the Interregnum.

The more far-sighted, on the other hand, have closed a circle with Berserk , the Kentaro Miura manga , bringing Gatsu into the world of From Software’s soulslike.

Many Elden Ring mods have been seen, and there are those who wanted to further enhance the multiplayer sector of the game.

As you know, you can invade the worlds of other players, as well as face the adventure in co-op. For some, it’s not enough, and they want to make soulslike a real party game .

As IGN US reports , there is a modder developing a modification to allow Elden Ring to support four-player co-op .

While the game organically supports three-player co-op , it’s mostly a fleeting experience destined for one-time boss fights. A mod by user LukeYui shows, on YouTube, players who are summoned by the first site of grace, who can stay as long as they want.

Summoned players can remain even after the host’s death, while the defeated player becomes a spectator. Normally, players who are defeated in a world return to their own.

The mod also handles all the limitations of normal Elden Ring multiplayer . All players can summon mounts, friendly fire can also be activated to enter a classic PvP mode. Items dropped by bosses will apply to all players, progress is shared, and more.

The beta starts on May 27, but LukeYui hasn’t given any indication as to how long it will last or when the mod’s official release date will be.


Who knows, even with this mod, we won’t see equally epic deaths in Elden Ring ‘s PvP .

In the meantime, someone has discovered that From Software’s latest title had to have a very important feature, present in Dark Souls , but that has been cut .

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