Elden Ring, here’s another epic feat in a “double” boss fight

Elden Ring, here’s another epic feat in a “double” boss fight

Elden Ring , FromSoftware’s masterpiece that certainly needs no introduction by now, certainly has some of the best boss fights of the saga.

The new open world action RPG (of which you can buy the beautiful Launch Edition on Amazon ) has in fact clashes with truly unique and unforgettable enemies.

While the game is basically no simpler than Dark Souls , many are bringing great and epic testimonies to it.

In fact, after someone was able to beat Rennala in less than a minute , another rather memorable feat has now been brought to the attention of the players .

The so-called Fell Twins (or Implacable Twins ) are in fact a single optional boss fight of Elden Ring that is not exactly simple, although in this case it could be.

The opponents in question are two Omen fighting together: one of them wields a fiery ax, while the other fights with a fire sword.

The Relentless Twins are found in the Outskirts of the Capital, and by defeating them you get very useful items and runes . As reported on Reddit , someone managed to wipe out the two enemies using a single attack type.

First, the player casts the Magic Earth spell around him, and then begins to get into it with the magical Comet Azur attack as if there is no tomorrow.

The result is a perfect score against the first enemy, followed by an equally unassailable result with the second opponent, for a victory brought home in no time .

Suicide squad. One shooting Fell Twins. from Eldenring


Staying on the subject, an Elden Ring player not particularly experienced in From games received a truly surprising gift after eliminating Malenia after over 200 attempts.

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