Elden Ring, discovered all the secrets hidden at the bottom of the Mother Tree

Elden Ring, discovered all the secrets hidden at the bottom of the Mother Tree

Elden Ring fans have not yet finished exploring the Interregnum in search of all its hidden secrets , even those that should never be seen by the Lightless, an aspect that of course has never stopped their thirst for curiosity.

One of the most fascinating elements of From Software’s open world masterpiece (you can retrieve the Launch Edition for quick delivery on Amazon ) is in fact certainly the Mother Tree , which players can admire in all its splendor during the adventure.

Some fans, however, began to wonder what secrets this intriguing location of Elden Ring could hide : after a careful investigation, it was thus discovered that it is not only possible to get to the bottom of the Erdtree , but also to discover new important secrets.

The Reddit user vlad17design has in fact shared on the forum dedicated to soulslike a video in which he shows how it is possible to manage to arrive in a location that, until today, was thought not to be explorable (via Game Rant ).

After a particular procedure, but not excessively complicated, which requires good parkour skills and the use of a War Ash, the fan has in fact discovered that at the bottom of the Mother Tree hides the second form of Godfrey, one of the most popular boss battles. adventure icons.

The surprises, however, did not end here, because proceeding further in this new area is in fact possible what appears to be the form of a hidden and unused enemy in the final game: it is, therefore, possible that a further battle was planned, discarded by the developers before launch.

In the video that we will present to you below you can discover for yourself the procedure to explore the bottom of the Mother Tree and see with your own eyes all the secrets hidden by FromSoftware:

How to get to the bottom of the Erdtree and unknown creature located there from Eldenring

Community research will probably not stop there: it is in fact plausible to imagine that players will not only try to find out more precisely what the mysterious enemy looks like, but this video could strongly push several fans to continue investigating all the secrets of the ‘Interregnum.

The important thing is that it is not a small boss: fans have in fact admitted that they particularly hate this kind of enemies .

After all, only a few days ago there are those who finally managed to enter the mysterious Colosseum, an area that is currently inaccessible without hacking in the Elden Ring but which could become so with a future update.

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