Elden Ring, discovered an unexpected secret in the battle against Radahn

Elden Ring, discovered an unexpected secret in the battle against Radahn

The Interregnum of Elden Ring includes many bosses that are extremely difficult to defeat: one of the most loved and feared is surely Radahn , due to the ferocity of his blows and the unexpected speed with which he is able to target the Without light.

In order to create the most spectacular attacks, the developers often resort to some tricks invisible to the players, so as to guarantee their correct functioning: of course, even Elden Ring could certainly not be exempt from this reasoning, even if with an unexpected technique (you can buy the Launch Edition for fast delivery on Amazon ).

The dataminer and modder Zullie the Witch (via VG247 ) has in fact reported a really interesting secret regarding the legendary meteor attack , through which Radahn will always be able to suddenly land in our position : this is why it is one of his shots more dangerous.

A technique that fans have also been able to use to their advantage , forcing him to ” suicide ” and ending the battle in a few moments .

But how is it possible that Radahn always knows where to find the Senzaluce? The secret, according to what was revealed by Zullie the Witch, is none other than her trusty horse , able to always keep an eye on us.

In fact, when the Celestial Scourge begins its attack by launching itself into the air, it is revealed that the horse Leonard will end up underground , naturally without the players being able to notice it: from that moment it will remain constantly hooked to us , thus giving Radahn the right signal. to understand where to land.

The fearsome boss of Elden Ring and his noble steed are in fact a single NPC according to the game files, but structured in such a way that the soulslike open world can divide them into ” two halves ” at will.

In other words, Radahn is not really targeting the players, but is simply aiming to reunite as soon as possible with his horse: you can observe this curious behavior in the video that we will present to you below.


Needless to say, this discovery has done nothing but confirm a suspicion that has emerged in the fans since day one: the general always knows where to find us, but now at least we know that it’s all thanks to his loyal horse Leonard.


Radahn still remains one of the most beloved bosses of FromSoftware’s masterpiece, to the point that even Hidetaka Miyazaki wanted to admit that he is his favorite .

We also take this opportunity to report that the latest update of Elden Ring has added several ” hidden ” innovations , one of which is linked to the outcome of the battle against the Celestial Scourge.

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