Elden Ring, discovered a new hidden detail after 500 hours

Elden Ring, discovered a new hidden detail after 500 hours


The Interregnum of Elden Ring is an open world full of many secrets , to the point that some of these are so hidden that they can be unnoticed for a very long time.

Among the most interesting aspects of FromSoftware’s soulslike masterpiece (you can buy the Launch Edition for fast delivery on Amazon ) and, of course, the most difficult are certainly the battles against the bosses, also enriched by many hidden details.

And if in some cases, such as the one discovered during the battle against Radahn , these are tricks that fans should not discover, what appears most surprising is to notice small details literally shown before the eyes of the Lightless , but which nevertheless manage to escape. to their gaze.

Reddit user Cthulhubot666 admitted that he noticed an interesting detail in the battle against Radagon’s Red Wolf only after spending 500 hours exploring the Elden Ring Interregnum (via Game Rant ).

In fact, analyzing the fascinating and lethal creature in more detail, it is in fact possible to discover that the Red Wolf of Radagon wears jewels on one of his ears.

Many fans have pointed out that they have never been able to notice this detail: after all, it is not only a particularly powerful boss, but also extremely fast and who never intends to leave any space for the Lightless to breathe.

If you do not want to tempt fate to admire the Red Wolf up close, you can observe its curious jewels through the screenshot that we will propose again below:

TIL Red Wolf of Radagon wears jewelry (never noticed in 500+ hrs) from Eldenring


Fans have also started joking about who could be brave enough to approach him to allow him to wear these beautiful jewels: the most plausible answer, however, would seem to be Radagon himself.

Confronting Radagon’s Red Wolf can certainly look like a daunting undertaking, but never as much as traversing the Interregnum as the Pyramid Head , thanks to a fan mod.

By the way, did you know that Bandai Namco has released a new live-action trailer of Elden Ring ? The result is quite spectacular .

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