Elden Ring, disabled fan challenges bosses using their feet: “I want to be inspirational”

Elden Ring, disabled fan challenges bosses using their feet: “I want to be inspirational”

The dedication Elden Ring fans are pouring into the game is commendable, even in extreme cases with the most particular types of players.

Since the first Dark Souls , which you find on Amazon , we have seen the most unlikely exploits by From Software fans , and nothing has changed.

With the most impressive performances , like those who managed to defeat the fearsome Malenia in less than a minute with a stratospheric build .

And there was no lack of epic battles even in the lesser-known boss fights , but no less spectacular for this.

If there is something beautiful about video games, whether they are soulslike or others, it is that they give everyone the opportunity to play them (with the necessary tools) by expressing everyone’s passion.

Even those with a disability, more or less serious, have the opportunity to face even very difficult games such as Elden Ring .

And to do it well, according to a post shared on Reddit by Powerful Pie, a disabled player who approaches the title with his left foot and right hand .

But do not expect that he does not know how to defend himself in the Interregnum, on the contrary:

As you can see from the video above, the Elden Ring boss is a walk for Powerful Pie, despite his disability.

The user has a custom preset of buttons, so he can attack with the Y button is the attack button of the left armament since, for obvious reasons, using the default LB button would give him a lot of problems.

Just wanted to inspire, I’m a handicapped elden ring player who plays with my left foot and right hand. from Eldenring


“I just want to be inspirational ,” commented the user in his Reddit post . In fact, proving that you can play any type of video game despite impediments of various kinds is very important.

Video games must belong to everyone, because everyone can be a fan of a saga. Like the disabled player of Fallout 76 , she was grateful to Bethesda for granting a wish for her.

Technology is a great help in this regard . As with The Last of Us Part II , whose high-quality sound design allowed a visually impaired player to enjoy the Naughty Dog adventure.

Not to mention Microsoft, which has even developed a specific controller to allow anyone to experience video games to the fullest.

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