Elden Ring cut some content on the Reflected Tear

Elden Ring cut some content on the Reflected Tear

Elden Ring continues to be on everyone’s lips, and obviously it was to be expected given the amount of content offered by the game and how much this is impacting the many fans.

FromSoftware’s latest soulslike (which you can buy on Amazon ) shows no signs of slowing down its run, and continues, without critical issues or missteps, to entertain the most disparate players.

The epic of the Lightless is undoubtedly an immense adventure, full of things to do and places to explore, as well as things to find and tough enemies to defeat… but it could have been much bigger than that .

After the discovery of some cut content, which specifically included the durability of the weapons that was removed from the final version of the game, now also many other things that should have been included in Elden Ring but which in the end were not . , as you can see in the video below ( VaatiViya Youtube channel ).

Specifically, dataminer Nullrinn found an entire quest associated with Mimic Tear Summon Ash (via TheGamer) .

Instead of obtaining it later, players should have received it immediately after completing the NPC Asimi quest that appears in Sepulcride as Silver Tear . After praying to have spared his life, Asimi would have convinced the player to drink it, in order to enter into a sort of symbiotic relationship , offering a particular power in return.


After entering the underground cities, Asimi would tell the player to look for two goblets that would help her become a ” perfect whole “. After that the NPC would have abandoned the player to return in the form of a perfect clone of the same. In the next dialogue it would be revealed that Asimi’s plan was to defeat the player and take her place as Elden Lord after her death.

A boss fight would start , and once the enemy was defeated the player would receive the Mimic Tear Ash .

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