Elden Ring also beats GTA V and Breath of the Wild, here are the record numbers

Elden Ring also beats GTA V and Breath of the Wild, here are the record numbers

There has been a lot of talk about Elden Ring , rightly so, because From Software’s latest title has really wreaked havoc.

The cruel soulslike open world , which you can find on Amazon , has sold a lot and has conquered a boundless plethora of players.

Which have stripped Elden Ring in every way, coming to discover practically all the secrets in the title.

And, while wandering around the Interregnum , they also found themselves reaching places that, theoretically, would be inaccessible, such as the Colosseum .

Elden Ring sold a lot, it was the best From Software launch ever and, according to the latest data, it also conquered YouTube .

As reported by the data of the gaming section of the well-known video portal, the contents related to soulslike have proliferated on the site since the game was released until today.

Going even beyond the contents dedicated to Grand Theft Auto V and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , as you can see in the data below:

Elden Ring has totaled 3.4 billion views on YouTube in 60 days, almost doubling GTA V , the first title immediately after the soulslike.

According to the data collected by the platform, it is one of the biggest launches ever on YouTube, but the other data is also interesting.

As for the bosses, loved and hated, the one with the most content and therefore the most followed is Margit , who curiously beats Malenia who has often been at the center of many events.

As for the class most shown on YouTube, it is the Samurai , perhaps demonstrating that many new players have approached Elden Ring . This class, in fact, is the most recommended for novice players.

What are, however, the bosses most hated by the players? Strangely, the “small” ones , which prove to be more hateful than the primary classics.

And if you really thought you’ve seen and read everything about Elden Ring , here’s the random name generator we definitely needed.

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