eFootball 2022 says goodbye to Juventus and Serie A (and maybe FIFA 23 has to do with it)

eFootball 2022 says goodbye to Juventus and Serie A (and maybe FIFA 23 has to do with it)

The exclusive partnership between eFootball 2022 and Juventus seems to have officially ended: Konami has in fact officially announced the end of the historic collaboration with the Juventus team.

Football free-to-play will therefore most likely have to renounce the official license during the next season: the closure of the partnership could represent an important signal for fans of the rival Electronic Arts saga, leading to the possible presence of Juventus on FIFA. 23 (from today you can try FIFA 22 on Xbox Game Pass, on offer on Amazon ).

However, it must be said that the Japanese publisher has already formalized a new important partnership in recent weeks, which at this point seems to have been inaugurated precisely to replace the Turin team: Milan has in fact chosen eFootball to focus on video games .

And while continuing the long-distance battle to obtain Italian licensed teams, making official only a few days ago that he had ” stolen ” Monza from FIFA , Konami also announced another bad news: the partnership with the Lega has also officially closed . A league.

As reported by Calcio e Finanza , the press release has in any case clarified a fundamental aspect: Juventus will continue to be regularly available in all current editions of eFootball 2022:

« Our licensing agreement with Juventus is about to expire. The representation of the club will not be affected neither in the eFootball 2022 Console version nor in the Mobile version “

The press release also clarifies that the collaboration with Lega Serie A will officially end: this of course does not mean that Italian teams will no longer be present, as anticipated by previous collaborations, but that the Italian top league will soon no longer have the official license .

“The eFootball series continues to explore alternative ways to deliver a fantastic football experience through partnerships with various clubs and leagues .”

The press release therefore suggests that further collaborations with Italian clubs will arrive and, where possible, partnerships with other foreign leagues will be announced.

Behind this communication there could therefore be news arriving on FIFA 23 , which could have managed to snatch important agreements for the next football edition and, possibly, also in anticipation of the launch of EA Sports FC .

Should there actually be any news in this regard, we will keep you promptly informed on our pages: in the meantime, if you are curious to find out when the Master League will be available, you will have to prepare yourself for some bad news .

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