EA ends up in the blizzard after making fun of single player games

EA ends up in the blizzard after making fun of single player games

What was meant to be a simple joke has caused a flood of controversy in these hours: EA has in fact thought it was a good idea to make fun of single player games and those who play them , thus suffering, quite understandably, the ire of the community.

In fact, taking up a meme format based on the aspects that may not like during an appointment, the social team has in fact decided to propose its own variant, underlining that, despite our counterpart deserves a ” 10 ” , unfortunately it plays single player games. As if there was really something wrong with that.

A truly ironic statement , considering that Electronic Arts itself publishes many titles dedicated to a single player audience: just think, for example, of the recent Mass Effect Legendary Edition (which you can find on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the subscription discount on Amazon ) or, as regards the games currently in development, even the remake of Dead Space .

Many fans and insiders therefore took the opportunity to reiterate how inappropriate EA’s statement was, causing the publisher to end up in what can be defined as a real social storm.

For example, the community manager of Bungie, Liana Ruppert , promptly recalled that among the EA franchises there is also Dragon Age , one of the most popular single player IPs. Annapurna Interactive also participated in the debate, stressing that “it was better to leave the post in draft ” and not publish it at all.

Even Cory Barlog , game director of God of War , while not making specific references to Electronic Arts, has published a message on social media in which little room is left for misunderstandings, claiming that he will love single player games forever.

Similarly, Obsidian also published a message without any reference to the publisher, but much more relaxing in which it is emphasized how beautiful video games are, both in single player and in multiplayer.

In short, most of the developers and fans wanted to take a stand against a decidedly unsuccessful joke, to the point that in the end Electronic Arts had to admit to deserving all the teasing , then reversing:

It goes without saying that, as always, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer single player or multiplayer games: the important thing is to play and have fun . Possibly, without criticizing the tastes of others.

Definitely changing the subject, but still remaining on the EA theme, the publisher has decided in these hours to show everyone a ” pre-pre-pre-alpha ” version of the new Skate , but that some fans will be able to play in preview.

Soon we could also see news on FIFA 23 and the new Need for Speed : the launch dates would already be leaked on the net , pending the official announcement.

Furthermore, according to an insider, the announcement of a new Marvel game produced by Electronic Arts could also be on the way , but we do not know whether or not it will be in single player.

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