Dying Light 2, patch 1.4 reveals a new chapter and 1491 fixes: here are the news

Dying Light 2, patch 1.4 reveals a new chapter and 1491 fixes: here are the news


Techland has revealed that Dying Light 2 update 1.4 will be officially available starting today , one of the most ambitious patches for the long-term support of their latest blockbuster title.

The new patch of Dying Light 2 ( which you can buy on offer on Amazon ) is in fact the real first step within the previously announced support for at least 5 years , which will introduce the first new chapter of the adventure.

Unveiled on the occasion of the postponement of the most anticipated update of the game , starting today it will be possible to access the chapter ” In the Footsteps of Nightrunner “: this is a new free content that will be accessible to users at any time.

Players will need to help nightrunner Harper, a newly available agent, fight off special infected to protect the townspeople, in exchange for exclusive gear never seen before.

The new mission will also include 3 new special enemies all to be defeated: the Mutated Infected , the Volatile Tyrant and the Volatile Hive , thus offering a new level of challenge for players.

Among the innovations introduced in this update there will also be the possibility of accessing a new Rank system , which will strengthen the bond between you and your agent by completing his respective tasks.

Daily and weekly bounties will also be available , as well as new unlockable content with reputation points and new currencies available.

One of the most important and requested news is certainly the Photo Mode , available in single player in most of the scenarios of Dying Light 2 : Techland has also unveiled a dedicated trailer to show it more closely, which we will propose again below.


The Dying Light 2 update 1.4.0 will be available starting today and will introduce over 1491 additional fixes : you can consult the most important ones yourself in the official changelog .

The development team has now decided to focus all their efforts on the updates of their latest effort, officially saying goodbye to the first Dying Light with a very important free upgrade .

This does not mean that Techland is not already thinking about the future: the developers have admitted that they would like to work on Dying Light 3 and make players feel even more powerful .

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