Dragon Age Dreadwolf, the title would hide a secret

Dragon Age Dreadwolf, the title would hide a secret

EA officially confirmed Dragon Age Dreadwolf , the real name of the new and highly anticipated Dragon Age .

Dragon Age Inquisition (which you can find on Amazon at a great price) has convinced some and left others perplexed, which is why the wait for the new game is really high.

Accompanying the logo, which as you can see curtains in shades of purple, were the first details on the adventure , in which Solas will have a key role.

Now, however, as also reported by the colleagues of Game Rant , someone may have found a not bad secret hidden in the title of the game .

When it comes to Dragon Age Dreadwolf , all that fans have at their disposal are the previously released trailers and the new title.

However, more clues about the game may now have emerged, hidden in plain sight : the fact that the next Dragon Age is titled Dreadwolf may have more meaning than you think.

In fact, it seems that the title is actually an anagram , as found via Twitter by a player with a lot of intuition from his.

Dreadwold would in fact be the anagram of Fade World (translated as World of Dissolve ), as the user ‘banalnadas0’ pointed out.

Although former Dragon Age: Dreadwolf producer Mike Darrah no longer works for BioWare, he responded to banalnadas’ tweet with the eye emoji, suggesting that there may be some truth to this discovery .

In the Dragon Age universe , the Dissolve is the world of spirits , separate from the material world (magicians draw on the Dissolve to enhance their abilities).

BioWare has not released further details on the matter at the moment, but has made it known that the game will not arrive in 2022 and that we will have further news anyway within the year .

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