Dragon Age 4 not coming out? The remaster of the first chapter arrives (from the fans)

Dragon Age 4 not coming out? The remaster of the first chapter arrives (from the fans)

Dragon Age fans , this news is for you: Dalishious has in fact released an unmissable homemade remaster for the first chapter of the series, namely Dragon Age Origins .

If Dragon Age Inquisition (which you can also find on Amazon ) was in fact the swan song for the series, no one forgets even one of the most loved classic chapters.

All this, while the processing of the next and highly anticipated Dragon Age 4 continues fast , despite the release date is not just around the corner.

Now, as also reported by DSO Gaming , the opportunity to recover this little classic in a revised and corrected version is really very tempting.

According to the modder, the purpose of this totally free mod is to make Dragon Age Origins a little less dated , while maintaining its memorable style and feel.

To accomplish this, the fan has updated the game’s textures with some cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques.

Players can also find some new options and presets for character creation , as well as headmorphs for most NPCs, more vibrant hues for character skin, hair and eyes, and some skin-scene tweaks. , now equipped with a more cinematic atmosphere.

Just below (and above), some screenshots showing the difference between the new version and the vanilla edition:

dragon age origins
Obviously, we remind you that this is a strictly unofficial project, and therefore not authorized by EA in any way or form.

In any case, you can download the mod from this address , enjoying this unofficial remastering ahead of time (which requires Large Address Aware to work).

Meanwhile, what do we do while we wait for Dragon Age 4 ? Collect gadgets from the saga, such as this sensational and highly detailed Morrigan statue .

Recall that Tom Henderson has revealed that there is ” no possibility ” that Dragon Age 4 can be released in 2022 .

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