Donkey Kong Country, the writers “hated” Zelda, but there is a reason

Donkey Kong Country, the writers “hated” Zelda, but there is a reason

One would think that all the authors in force at Nintendo appreciate, or at least tolerate, the various franchises of the Kyoto House : this is not the case for the authors of Donkey Kong Country .

Precisely Retro Studios, which developed Tropical Freeze for Wii U (but you can also find it on Switch ), which in a period hated The Legend of Zelda .

The team that relaunched the Donkey Kong Country franchise is currently working on Metroid Prime 4 , the development of which is proceeding in a fluctuating manner .

Can you really hate a video game like The Legend of Zelda ? Apparently yes, and you don’t even need a job like that with Unreal Engine 5 .

As Nintendo Life reports , a developer at Retro Studios found himself thinking with annoyance about The Legend of Zelda , and the motivation is very clear (and understandable).

Following the success of the Metroid Prime trilogy , the development team was working in secret on the return of Donkey Kong Country . But the fans wanted something different: a Zelda game .

Several rumors alternated at the time, and one of these featured Eric Kozlowsky as a secondary protagonist . A developer who worked as an artist on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze , whose background including titles like Brutal Legend and Uncharted 3 portended that Retro Studios might be working on an adventure like Zelda .

In a recent interview, Kozlowsky talked about how the rumors affected people’s expectations, and how he had to adapt:

“Everyone was looking at my portfolio and saying ‘oh my god, he worked on Uncharted, this must mean Retro is working on a Zelda game” and I was like, no, I’m just a versatile artist. I could do realistic things, I could do cartoon things. I am adaptable and I think that to have longevity in this sector you have to be adaptable. “

Rumors about an unlikely Zelda made by Retro Studios became more and more incessant and, at one point, ended up being frustrating because they deflected the expectations of the public:

“Everyone said, ‘oh, they’re working on a Zelda game, they’re working on a Zelda game.’ Then we announced Tropical Freezem, and it looked phenomenal and it was gorgeous, but people kept saying “oh, that’s another Donkey Kong”. “

Those same expectations that could also damage Metroid Prime 4 . While we wait for the release, fans have recreated the next-gen version of the first episode .


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