Does TikTok also launch into the world of free games? Apparently yes

Does TikTok also launch into the world of free games? Apparently yes

According to a new report, TikTok is also about to venture into the video game market , thus following in the footsteps of many of its illustrious competitors.

As reported earlier this week by Reuters , the Chinese social network launched in September 2016 is also preparing to enter the gaming market.

Along the lines of Netflix , the report claims that some tests to allow users to play video games through the app on smartphones have been underway for a few days, but only in Vietnam .

Apparently, the Bytedance company would be looking to introduce the feature on TikTok throughout Southeast Asia during the third quarter of this year , then between July and September (via GamesRadar ).

At the moment it is not known, neither from TikTok nor from the Reuters report , if the company intends to launch this function in the future also for the Western public .

Furthermore, we currently have no idea how the testing phase in Vietnam went with regards to video games on TikTok.

In fact, nothing excludes that the feature was not met with the hype that Bytedance was hoping for, but given that the company intends to launch it in Southeast Asia later in the year, we can assume that it has been successful enough to expand into others. regions .

According to the report, TikTok intends to draw primarily from Bytedance’s game library for this new push. In fact, the Chinese company develops mobile games such as One Piece The Voyage , so it is possible that everything focuses on mobile games, perhaps even free .

It is no big surprise that even a giant like TikTok is preparing to enter the gaming sector: as reported by in November 2021, Bytedance has never hidden that it wants to enter the sector in an even more incisive way .

Speaking of other things, this weekend the Xbox Free Game Days Events initiative was renewed , a selection of free games at no additional cost throughout the weekend .

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