Disney +: subscribe now and see Spider-Man A New Universe

Disney +: subscribe now and see Spider-Man A New Universe

If you love Disney movies , whether they are animated or not, the Star Wars universe or the Marvel cinecomics , Disney + is the service for you! And that’s not all! Disney + also offers all the Fox content , from movies to TV series, constituting a hub where you can find lots of content for the whole family, from the youngest to the adults! The Disney + subscription costs € 8.99 per month, but we definitely recommend the annual subscription , which you can have for only € 89.90 , saving over 15% compared to the monthly one !

In particular, thanks to Disney + you will be able to see the movie Spider-Man: A new universe , where Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump street, bring their unique talent for a new vision of a different universe. Spider-Man, with a revolutionary visual style one of a kind.

Join Disney + now for € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year
Spider-Man A New Universe
Disney + gives you access to a vast catalog of films, TV series, cartoons and much more, constantly updated. In addition to the Disney classics, on Disney + there are many other contents for young and old, starting with the splendid documentations signed by National Geographic , passing through the cinecomic Marvel to finish the Star section , in which you can also find films and series for adults, such as American Horror Story , Alien , The X-Files and more.

Among the latest news, we can only mention the Ms. Marvel series , where Kamala Khan, a teenager raised in Jersey City and super fan of the Avengers, feels out of place at school and sometimes even at home. But when she enters a Captain Marvel Cosplay contest, things take a weird turn.

We remind you that on Disney + you will also find all the Disney films a short distance from their release at the cinema and, thanks to the GroupWatch feature , you can view the contents and comment on them even while you are away from your friends and / or loved ones.

Disney +

We absolutely recommend that you subscribe to Disney + for this and tons of other content to fall in love with! Finally, we remind you that every day we point out the best offers

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