Disney and Marvel’s games showcase: the biggest announcements and trailers

Disney just wrapped up its Disney and Marvel Games showcase at D23, and the event was packed with news and announcements about games from many of the entertainment company’s franchises. The show was a lightning-fast deluge of trailers for a variety of games, including titles that are out right now, like Disney’s Dream Light Valley, and those that are a little further away.

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TRON IDENTITY is a new visual novel that was solo by Thomas the Maker

Disney revealed a new game in the Tron universe, titled Tron Identity. The short teaser trailer was mostly just a title card, but the game’s steam page reveals a bit more: it’s a mystery game based on a visual novel. Tron Identity is slated for release in 2023 and will be developed by Bithell Games, makers of indie titles like Thomas Was Alone.

Black Panther and Captain America will star in a mysterious new title

Skydance New Media is working on a game that takes place in the worlds of both Black Panther and Captain America. This teaser trailer was light on details, but according to a Marvel blog post, the game will star: Steve Rogers / Captain America; Azuri, the WWII-era Black Panther; Gabriel Jones, an American soldier who is also part of the Howling Commandos. and Manali, a member of the Wakandan spy network. The currently unnamed game will be helmed by Amy Henning, who joined Skydance in October, a former creative director on the Uncharted series.

Disney is partnering with Niantic on a Marvel-themed AR game

Disney and Pokémon Go augmented reality game maker Niantic is working on a new Marvel-themed AR mobile game, Marvel World of Heroes. According to a press release, players will be able to become their superheroes as they “patrol their neighborhoods to foil crimes, complete superhero missions, and thwart interdimensional threats.” I guess that means you can see a roving band of players waving their smartphones around your neighborhood. The game is slated to launch next year.

Disney and Marvel's games showcase: the biggest announcements and trailers
Disney and Marvel’s games showcase: the biggest announcements and trailers

Marvel’s Midnight Sun gets a December release date

Disney has revealed a new trailer and release date for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the upcoming strategy game from X-COM developer Firaxis Games. Midnight Sons was delayed earlier this year, but the game will now be available on December 2, 2022, on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. Midnight Sons will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Card Battler Marvel Snap is coming in October

Disney announced that Marvel Snap, its Hearthstone-like card game for PC and mobile, will be released on October 18. The game launched in closed beta for Android in May.

Back on Monkey Island, you’ll find an in-game scrapbook to catch up on other games

Return to Monkey Island, the next game in the beloved Monkey Island series, will feature an in-game scrapbook detailing key moments from the series so far. As someone who’s only played the first two Monkey Island titles, I’m looking forward to thumbing through Scrapbook to catch up on the story before diving into the puzzle adventure. And luckily, I won’t have to wait long: Return to Monkey Island launches on PC and Nintendo Switch on September 19.

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