Discounts up to 95% on the best role-playing games on Eneba!

Discounts up to 95% on the best role-playing games on Eneba!

The Eneba store is one of the ideal places to buy digital keys and subscriptions for PlayStation , Xbox and PC consoles . Even today, for the readers of SpazioGames, we have decided today to suggest you on the occasion of the best role-playing games ( RPG ).

For example, you can get your hands on God Of War . God Of War tells the story of Kratos who, after obtaining his revenge against the gods of Olympus, took refuge in Norse land where he will again find himself fighting monsters and other gods, teaching his son how to survive and not commit. his own mistakes.

God Of War is a thrilling and exciting third-person action game that will keep you glued to your chair (or sofa) for a considerable number of hours, especially if you want to explore every single corner of the game map.

In our review we stated that “ the arrival of God of War on PC is the best opportunity to play the latest adventure of Kratos and son in anticipation of the awaited sequel coming this year. Almost four years later, we can say that the port has done absolutely justice to the work, which lives on a second youth and opens the doors (at least potentially) to a faster landing than Ragnarok on PC, given Sony’s performance. in the last period “.

Elden Ring is also quite interesting , proposed at , compared to the usual € 59.99 list, with a discount of 25%. New action RPG developed by From Software in collaboration with writer George RR Martin , who surely many of you will know for “Game of Thrones”, Elden Ring is a sort of Dark Souls 4 in an “open world” style.

In our review we stated that “ for lovers of From Software’s soulslike, Elden Ring is simply a dream come true. This is a clear step forward compared to previous works, which lays the foundations for another series of sure success that while not evolving the game mechanics (already very solid), expands the scale dramatically, while offering a new evolutionary model for the genre “.

These are just some of the many products that you can find on offer on Eneba and of which we invite you to consult the complete catalog at the link below. Finally, we remind you that every day we point out the best offers on the net, which you can find in our dedicated area of ​​the site .

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