Diablo Immortal, the complete set can cost you an arm and a leg

Diablo Immortal, the complete set can cost you an arm and a leg

Diablo Immortal has arrived among us, so Blizzard Entertainment decided that the time was ripe for the actual debut of the new chapter of the saga.

Born to be lived on smartphone , even if you can play it on PC as well, the game takes the reins from one of the most famous franchises of all time (and which you can also find on Amazon ).

Now, after we have explained to you which smartphones are supported to play Diablo Immortal on Android and iOS, it’s time to talk about a truly surprising curiosity .

As reported by Game Rant , a YouTuber has calculated the cost of a character’s legendary gems in the game and the final sum exceeds six figures .

As you know, Diablo Immortal is free-to-play and, as such, features a number of ways for players to support its continued development.

While this approach to sustainability is quite common nowadays, the Blizzard title may have taken a step ahead of similar titles.

According to calculations put in place by the Bellular News YouTube channel , the game’s unique monetization system is set up to make min-maxing characters an extremely expensive undertaking .

The fact of the matter is that Diablo Immortal allows players to purchase so-called Legendary Gems . These are one of the three pillars of character progression, along with normal gear and XP level.

Currently, F2P players cannot get the higher level Legendary Games, which are only available through certain game monetization options, so much so that a full character upgrade costs a whopping $ 110,000 .

Bellular News’s Matt and Michael also argue that Diablo Immortal ‘s Legendary Gems are a deliberately convoluted system, explaining that an F2P player would take around 10 years of gameplay to fully equip a character in the current iteration of the game.


In particular, the Legendary Gems are not even guaranteed to paying players, as they are randomly awarded only after the purchase of the Legendary Crests (aka the loot boxes), which could be why Diablo Immortal has not been launched . worldwide.

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