Diablo Immortal | Review ongoing – Blizzard’s Hell

Diablo Immortal | Review ongoing – Blizzard’s Hell

The launch of Diablo Immortal wasn’t the most effective, given the number of controversy that the sport has brought with it. The fantasy saga of Blizzard certainly didn’t return within the best way for the fans, the identical ones who have already made their voices heard with a review bombing that has made, in fact, this new spin-off of the series intended primarily for platforms mobile one among the foremost hated games of the corporate .

It is also true that – from what time has the globe started – those that despise buy, such a lot so within the first seven days Immortal has totaled some really important numbers, after all managing to gather over 24 million dollars in expenses from consumers.

Starting as a free-to-play title, with a rather incisive microtransaction system attached that was right at the middle of the fierce discussions among fans, the sport has therefore left its mark within the community, although now the time has come to to sum up: is there any good in Diablo Immortal , or is it really a computer game unable to entertain, whose sole purpose is to fleece the poor users the maximum amount as I can?

Let’s say that, as often happens in these cases, the reality lies somewhere in between .

Once upon a time there was Diablo
Let’s start by saying that Immortal is neither the successor of Diablo 3 (of which you’ll be able to buy the Eternal Collection with fast delivery on Amazon ) nor a game that desires to pair with the far more ambitious Diablo 4 starting off within the coming months.

In February of last year, after having had the chance to undertake the sport and talk directly with Blizzard ( here our original article ), the sensation of having the ability to possess a powerful product in your hands (both commercially and playfully) was quite strong, net of some distortions. Now, with the sport now available, things haven’t changed that much.

The free-to-play for smartphones and tablets – but with the likelihood of playing it also on PC in cross-play – aims to please and be pleased also to all or any those “casual” users who with the Diablo franchise it’s always had little to try and do with the chance of getting fun wherever you wish, either on a classic latest generation portable or perhaps due to a more traditional gaming station.

Taking place five years after the events of the second episode and before those of the third, Immortal is therefore a form of prequel useful to fulfill again well-known faces of the franchise, like Deckard Cain and Charsi, still as King Leoric, Baal, The Butcher. Everything kicks off within the most classic way ever, that’s with the chance of making a personality by choosing the category and appearance, before embarking on the important adventure. In fact, we are going to be ready to choose whether to be Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Demon Hunter, Crusader and Necromancer, before leaving for the dark universe of Sanctuary .

Each class has 12 abilities which will be automatically upgraded with level up or through objects that we’ll be able to recover along the way, with the power to vary everything before and through the clashes against our opponents. Lacking a true skill tree, the system doesn’t appear particularly complex to manage – and maybe not as varied mutually would expect – since basically each character are kind of like the others in terms of the powers and skills provided (and this is often not really a positive aspect, to be honest).

Furthermore, Diablo Immortal doesn’t betray or deny its origin from a unadorned and raw mobile title : the interface is of course expressly designed for touch controls, with the abilities at the underside right and a virtual joystick available to the touch and positioned on the left side of the screen (there is in any case the likelihood of employing a compatible pad).

All this anticipates a gameplay that doesn’t betray the classic spirit of the series , visiting approach what we saw with Diablo III but with the mandatory differences: the dodge is after all completely fugitive, similarly because the movements always and in any case appear slower and more reasoned than. to the furious and frantic fights seen within the third episode of the franchise.

This ends up in a game system that’s pure Diablo , but which in any case also tries to please everyone who approaches the series for the primary time.

Even the amount of difficulty isn’t prohibitive in the slightest degree , since the monsters will easily constitute our blows without giving us particular thoughts. In fact, it’s true that the sole situations of real danger are those dictated by mass attacks by opponents, since not even the bosses at the top of the dungeon are particularly difficult to require down.


In a nutshell, Diablo Immortal is additionally and in particular accessible to newbies, with a learning curve that highlights a “casual” experience designed for mobile devices. Furthermore, we don’t seem to be talking about an open world title as for instance it promises to be the following Diablo IV : the varied areas that compose the sport universe are interconnected and separated by short loads, with the likelihood of moving more quickly due to the short travel aid, unlockable from time to time.
It is important to underline that by participating in groups of 4 players, the rewards are going to be significantly better, with a greater chance of finding legendary and non-legendary gem

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