Diablo Immortal landed in China today, and of course it’s already a success

Diablo Immortal landed in China today, and of course it’s already a success

Like it or not, Diablo Immortal is a huge success for Blizzard, and is now preparing to conquer the Chinese market.

The fantasy saga of Blizzard , of which you can find a great artbook on Amazon , is back with this mobile episode that has caused the community to discuss a lot.

Even if there is someone who considers it even perfect , in the midst of the mass of gamers who do not want to know anything about it instead.

In any case, Diablo Immortal continues to celebrate its records and also gives gifts to fans , the same community that hates the game.

Diablo Immortal has landed in China , a continent that has contributed to the development of the game with its teams, one month behind the other markets.

The reason lies in the strict laws that the Chinese market has imposed regarding the control of gaming products, and consequent selections that the projects must make.

But, as analyst Daniel Ahmad reports , Diablo Immortal made its debut on the market with a certain hubris :


With over 15 million pre-registrations from users, Diablo Immortal has rocketed to the top spot of the most downloaded games on iOS on day one.

And it has also become the 50th most popular game ever in all of China , according to the analysis of all the videogame products released in the context.

Ahmad also adds that while it’s a great launch, it wasn’t as big as other products in China.

It certainly affects the month of delay since the original launch, and the fact that Diablo Immortal launched on July 25 pretty much by surprise , with no major warnings.

Indeed, Diablo Immortal is the classic title designed mainly for that type of market and users, but it has bothered the waiting moment due to Chinese laws.

Especially because of the economic model which, full of microtransactions, has a lot of grip on the Chinese public. Although, Blizzard specifies, almost all of those purchases are unnecessary.

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