Diablo Immortal is earning per day what we will never see in a lifetime

Diablo Immortal is earning per day what we will never see in a lifetime


Diablo Immortal is one of the most talked about titles ever among those by Blizzard, although apparently the average earnings of the game are touching truly mind-boggling figures .

The series (of which you will find a really interesting artbook on Amazon ) has in fact recently landed on mobile and PC with a title as loved as it is hated by fans.

In fact, everything started with a ruthless review bombing against the title, especially due to the microtransactions present within it.

Although in our review (in progress) we have explained to you that the start was not at all bad as many want to believe, now the cold numbers show how much the game is proving to be a success beyond belief .

As also reported by VGC , Diablo Immortal continues to earn more than $ 1 million a day , despite criticism of its microtransaction model.

This is according to data from AppMagic, published by MobileGamer.biz , which reveals that the mobile version of the Diablo franchise released last month has maintained a steady stream of revenue , despite constant criticism from fans of the series.

In any case, the revenues of the title have reached a peak just over a week after the launch , with Blizzard that would have earned a figure that was around 2.4 million dollars .

However, more than a month after its release and with the public opinion surrounding the game still rather negative, Diablo Immortal continues to raise more than $ 1 million a day.

The game, which surpassed 10 million downloads last month, was also at the center of some odd outcry from players .

Not to mention a streamer who recently invested a lot of money in Diablo Immortal , to no avail, and therefore without obtaining any result worthy of being remembered.

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