Diablo Immortal: Android and iOS supported smartphones

Diablo Immortal: Android and iOS supported smartphones

The moment of the debut of Diablo: Immortal is almost upon us and, with the launch expected on June 2, Blizzard Entertainment is taking its very first steps to the next iteration of the historic series. As we know, the game was born to be experienced on smartphones , although you can also play it on PC.

However, which smartphones are supported for Android and iOS ? Why are you sometimes seeing the message “device not supported” on the Play Store when you try to download the game?

Let’s see what are the official indications provided by Blizzard on the supported devices to play Diablo Immortal , so that you can go without fail.

Supported Android smartphones
Supported iOS smartphones
Supported Android smartphones for Diablo Immortal

In the case of Android , Blizzard has provided what are the minimum requirements necessary to make sure that the game can also be compatible with your smartphone. It is therefore not possible, in this case, to make an all-encompassing list of all the phones on which Diablo Immortal works, but it is those that are above the following specifications.

Operating system : Android 5.0 and later
CPU : Snapdragon 660 / Exynos 9611 or above
GPU : Adreno 512 / Mali-G72 MP3 or higher
Memory : 2GB RAM or higher
Free Space : 2.4GB (10GB Additional Patch)
Supported iOS smartphones for Diablo Immortal

As for iOS , Apple’s operating system, the requirements are easier to read, as they indicate which iPhone models are deemed too outdated and cannot run the game.

As indicated by Blizzard, the requirements are only the following:

Operating system : iOS 11 and later
Hardware : iPhone 6s or higher
Free Space : 3.3GB (Additional 9.5GB Patch)

It is also worth pointing out that, among mobile devices, some iPads are the only ones on which – besides the PC – Diablo Immortal can be played even by setting the graphics options to Ultra. So if you have a performing iPad at home, you can download the game and try to see how it can perform on your tablet.

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