Diablo Immortal now allows you to change character class for free, but only once a week

Blizzard released a major update for Diablo Immortal , where it became possible to change the character class for free, but only once a week. In this case, the hero must be pumped up to level 35, and the procedure itself is carried out in Westmarch, where you need to find a brazier of a changeable flame.

It is also possible to return to the previous class without waiting for the cooldown (also once a week). And after the first class change, you can change the appearance of the hero.

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After the change, the player will receive a starter set of equipment with a level similar to the previous class. All items are transferred, but decorative elements and unique “class” items are lost, although they can be returned if the player returns the old class. Also, the character retains belonging to a clan or squad.

Diablo Immortal now allows you to change character class for free, but only once a week
Other changes in this update include the new Hero’s Path mode, which is available to characters at the maximum level. It has a chain of tasks, which becomes more complicated as you progress. So far, 4 chapters are available, 2 more will be released later.


In addition, the temporary events “Adventure Path” and “Insatiable Moon” have started, where you can get rewards. The media got price tags for future Intel video cards – they were leaked along with the characteristics from the company’s closed presentation

The father said that the gamer’s son donated $ 2,000 from his card to Diablo Immortal. Blizzard doesn’t want a refund.

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