Diablo 4, the campaign will really last longer than expected

Diablo 4, the campaign will really last longer than expected

Diablo 4 is a title that has somewhat disappeared into the darkness, of which we learn information with a dropper, every now and then.

The fourth chapter of the famous Blizzard saga , whose latest exponent found on Amazon , was announced a long time ago and, still today we don’t know much.

The title was even taken into consideration by Bobby Kotick and defined as one of the causes of the troubles of Activision Blizzard , in the now infamous legal issues .

But we were lucky enough to see Diablo 4 again recently, during the last Xbox event , also discovering the Necromancer and the beta date .

Following the presentation during the latest Xbox + Bethesda showcase , the development team has begun to unbutton with regards to Diablo 4.

As reported by PCGamesN , the director Joe Shely has revealed, in a recent interview, details regarding the level cap and the duration of the game’s campaign.

In Diablo 4 you will have the opportunity to take your character to level 100 , later unlocking various endgame content such as nightmare dungeons and the new Tree of Whispers bounty system .

Which, according to Blizzard, will be the most important element for game continuity once the adventure has been completed.

The main campaign can be completed around level 45 in fact, according to Shely, who estimates a total duration of 35 hours for its conclusion.

Diablo 4 promises to be the long-lived and fulfilling game that fans of the saga are used to experiencing, although many details are still obscure.

We know that, in any case, he will strongly distance himself from Diablo Immortal as regards the management of collectibles, purchases and microtransactions.

A title that fans have proven not to like . At least the more hardcore ones, because Diablo Immortal was devastated by review bombing and now has a very low rating .


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