Diablo 4 is coming, the beta appears within the Blizzard client

Diablo 4 is coming, the beta appears within the Blizzard client

Diablo 4 is a title that has disappeared somewhat in the darkness of hell, but maybe it’s time to return to the gothic world of Blizzard.

The fourth chapter of the famous Blizzard saga , whose latest exponent found on Amazon , was announced a long time ago and, still today we don’t know much.

While Diablo Immortal , on the other hand, has been at the center of the rumors for a while, although fortunately it will be very far from the new regular chapter of the saga.

Over time Blizzard has revealed some news about the game, including the Necromancer class and the first details on the beta of the title.

Just that beta that, after the announcement, disappeared again. At least until today because, as VGC reports , someone spotted it in the client.

Some users have found files indicating that the Diablo 4 beta was added to the Battle.net launcher just recently.

According to Wowhead , the Battle.net catalog configuration files include new data that appears to be related to the Diablo 4 beta application , in preparation for an eventual launch .

Although there is no precise date yet , and it is not possible in any way to upload any files, the installation window is visible.

Diablo 4 was originally announced in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions were confirmed earlier this year, with cross-play and cross-progression for all platforms, but there is no release date yet.

If you want it, however, know that you can get it for free by simply getting yourself a tattoo. Here’s how this strange Blizzard initiative works.

The title campaign will be very long -lasting , according to what emerged from the very little information disclosed by the development team .

As for Diablo Immortal , however, the mobile title is doing very well and recently Blizzard decided to give players a gift .

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