Dark Souls as Magic The Gathering is the coolest thing you’ll see today

Dark Souls as Magic The Gathering is the coolest thing you’ll see today

Soulslike have gained popularity in recent months, although the Dark Souls saga has held a special place in fans’ hearts for generations.

Also thanks to the success of Elden Ring (of which you can buy the beautiful Launch Edition on Amazon ) the genre never seems to go out of fashion.

So while some delight in making a Dark Souls 4 in Unreal Engine 5 , other fans have now made a truly one-of-a-kind homage.

As reported by The Gamer , a fan has collected some concepts of what a crossover between Magic the Gathering and Dark Souls 3 could look like .

Dark Souls 3 is full of interesting bosses so much so that a fan on Reddit brought them to life (if we can say so) as real Magic cards , thus reaching a whole new level of customization.

We can indeed admire Soul of Cinder, Aldrich, an Abyss Watcher, The Painter, Slave Knight Gael, Gael, Red Hood and Gael Humanity’s End.

There are three versions of the same character, which is necessarily reflected in three different MTG cards, as well as having all the abilities that real cards from the Wizards of the Coast game would have .

As one commentator pointed out, Hidetaka Miyazaki is also an MTG fan, so “he’d definitely like it . “

Turbulent-Echo8561 wrote, “I believe a Magic The Gathering deck was spotted in your office during a visit to FromSoftware a few years ago. There are some images that portray him » .

Staying on the subject, a new mod will allow you to play Elden Ring as the fearsome Pyramid Head of Silent Hill .

But not only that: FromSoftware’s soulslike open world turned out to be so beautiful and appreciated that a fan decided to take it to the cinema, in the true sense of the word .

Finally, a mod for Dark Souls 3, called Dark Souls 3 – Fear The Old Blood has the goal of making it look (and play) like Bloodborne .

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