Dark Souls 3, now you can fight the most epic boss even in Fortnite

Dark Souls 3, now you can fight the most epic boss even in Fortnite

We have seen, read and written about each of Fornite, but the crossover with Dark Souls 3 did not expect it, especially if done so well.

From Software ‘s soulslike , which you can find on Amazon , closed the epic trilogy of the same name with its series of memorable boss fights.

An epic adventure, which after seven years still has secrets to discover , even if it does so through a particular detail of Elden Ring .

And that has allowed players to perform truly epic feats . Like the fan who completed Dark Souls 3 without taking a step.

Over the years we have seen many characters, heroes and villains appear through the Fortnite crossovers , but with the creative mode the limit is only… creativity.

As The Gamer reports , a Dark Souls 3 fan has put one of the soulslike’s most epic bosses into the battle royale: Wolnir, the Overlord .

You wouldn’t expect to find a boss like Wolnir in Fortnite , but creative mode in the hands of Reddit user Mr Electric can do the trick.

As you can see from the gallery above, the level of detail and care in reproducing the features of the imposing enemy are really very high

Mr Electric had already distinguished himself for other creations of this level. Past works include Walter White from Breaking Bad , a whole host of One Piece characters including Kaido and Brook, the Beatles’ Abbey Road cover, and Pirates of the Caribbean ‘s Captain Davy Jones , among many others.

I made High Lord Wolnir in Fortnite Creative Mode from darksouls3


Dark Souls 3 inevitably remains a much loved game that fans want to play in every way. Also in isometric view, thanks to the work of another soulslike fan.

From the From Software world , the Japanese company has revealed that it is working on many projects , and one of these could also be Armored Core .

Meanwhile, one of the upcoming Fortnite crossovers could be truly legendary, involving a truly unthinkable series .

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