Cyberpunk 2077, Night City welcomes the expected flying cars (thanks to the fans)

Cyberpunk 2077, Night City welcomes the expected flying cars (thanks to the fans)

While CD Projekt continues to work hard on future updates of Cyberpunk 2077 , the community has also shown that it has no intention of standing still, thus helping to introduce the most anticipated features thanks to new mods .

One of the mechanics most requested by fans was in fact the possibility of having flying cars , a real trademark of futuristic settings but, unfortunately, absent in Cyberpunk 2077 ( you can buy it on offer on Amazon ).

As reported by TheGamer , modder jackhambert has thus released a mod called ” Let There Be Flight “, which introduces the feature that many fans would expect: cars will now be able to take flight without any restrictions throughout Night City.

After the expansion made by the fans that makes the game very similar to Deus Ex , here is therefore a very interesting new mod currently under development , but already available for download.

However, the user’s work proved to be particularly detailed: as you can see in the following video , the cars will also have engines ready to appear based on our position in the game world.


Among the many additions available thanks to this new mod there will also be the possibility of activating the ejection of the pilot in flight, simply by holding down the button to exit the vehicle: moreover, this expansion is even compatible with motorcycles.


We remind you that the mod is currently still under development and has not been completed, however if you can’t wait to wait and you already want to test yourself, you can download it directly at the following link .

As for the official updates on which CD Projekt is working, the developers have recently launched a clue on the arrival of the Transmog in the next patch .

Waiting to find out more about the latest news of the videogame Night City, we remind you that Netflix has officially shown in action the anime series dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077 , arriving in September .

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