Curious Expedition 2 Review

Curious Expedition 2


Game DescriptionCurious Expedition 2
Curious Expedition 2 – adventure and survival rolled into one. This is a continuation of the previous part. In this case, you need to play for an ordinary person who goes on a dangerous adventure – to explore and discover many dark secrets. You need to act not alone, but in a team. Heroes discover new territories filled with new mysteries.

Exploring mysterious temples, mining treasures – isn’t it all exciting? The gameplay is more varied compared to the first part. Whole untouched tombs would have to be opened, curses neutralized. The success and safety of the team depend only on the hero. You will have to think carefully about all the actions, do not rush, but do not hesitate.

Only forethought combined with courage will lead to victory. The gameplay is very dynamic, will not let you get bored for a second. There is also a fair amount of healthy humor. As undoubted pluses, it is worth noting the high-quality graphics with original art.



Minimum system requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 Ghz
Video Card: 1280MB
VRAM Hard Disk Memory: 150MB

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