Crisis Core Reunion will change one important thing, and it’s FF7 Remake’s “fault”

Crisis Core Reunion will change one important thing, and it’s FF7 Remake’s “fault”

Final Fantasy VII fans got their fair share of announcements in the latest Square Enix event, which also showed Crisis Core Reunion .

The prequel of the seventh chapter of the saga is also linked to the Remake now, which you can find on Amazon , going to reconstruct the whole narrative vein.

The adventure starring Zack is really making a comeback, with a remake that has been called Crisis Core Reunion , and due out this year .

Or rather we call it a remake, although it was not officially presented with this name. The videoconference will certainly give us a hand to understand something.

Crisis Core Reunion is part of an already very important reworking of the original story , which Tetsuya Nomura has brought with the remake of Final Fantasy VII .

Fans are already expecting changes in Zack’s story as well, as it is still linked to that of Cloud and his friends.

As The Gamer reports , someone has already noticed a first change made to the original Crisis Core .

Although the gameplay has been updated and the graphics have undergone a massive overhaul, the cutscenes themselves appear to use the same animations and scenarios as the original, only at a higher resolution.

In addition to these obvious changes, which represent more of the technical side, there is something that has been changed and that is part of the original story.


The Buster Sword , Zack’s (and Cloud’s) iconic weapon.

The sword has been updated to resemble the version seen in Final Fantasy VII Remake , something fans quickly noticed.

This is an aesthetic change but, curiously, in this way the buster sword no longer even resembles the weapon seen in Advent Children , the sequel feature film.

Let’s see what will happen when the second chapter of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy comes out, with a date still a long way off .

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