Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, remaster coming soon? A clue pops up

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, remaster coming soon? A clue pops up

The biggest fans of the saga can only remember with a certain nostalgia Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII , the prequel spin-off of the beloved Square Enix chapter that tells the adventures of Zack Fair, released exclusively on PSP .

Although still today there is a community that still remembers this chapter with great affection, the spin-off has remained until today confined exclusively to the Sony portable console , although there is a very important quote within Final Fantasy VII Remake ( you can retrieve the Intergrade edition at a special price and fast delivery on Amazon ).

In the past, the director of the fifteenth chapter of the saga had suggested that only after a remake of Final Fantasy VII we could have the chance to review Crisis Core : well, according to the latest rumors, Hajime Tabata’s prediction could perhaps come true very soon.

Starting at 11.00 pm today June 16 , Square Enix will carry out a short presentation to celebrate the 25 years of Final Fantasy VII : many fans have predicted that this could lead to the reveal of Remake Part II but, according to an insider, there would be news also coming for Crisis Core .

The leaker The Snitch, who correctly anticipated many new features in recent weeks such as Overwatch 2 free-to-play, Hollow Knight Silksong on Xbox Game Pass and the arrival of the most important chapters of Persona on other platforms, a few moments ago launched a cryptic tweet by simply posting an image from Crisis Core (via DualShockers ).

The post is accompanied by 4 squares of different colors, which according to many fans would represent the different platforms in output : it would therefore be a non-exclusive release.

Blue would of course correspond to PlayStation , green to Xbox consoles , red to Nintendo Switch and black to PC , although in the latter case it still remains to be seen whether it will follow the example of Final Fantasy VII Remake and will only be released on Epic. Games Store or even on Steam.


In any case, the insider’s message seems clear enough: a return of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII could be announced during the anniversary event , most likely with a remaster edition optimized for the latest generation standards.

Although The Snitch has so far proved to be a reliable insider, we invite you as usual to take the news with due precautions while waiting for an official announcement from Square Enix: in all probability, starting tonight we will find out if the forecast will prove or less correct.

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