Comic “drain” on God of War: Ragnarok posted on the network – some believed

Comic “drain” on God of War: Ragnarok posted on the network – some believed

While the gaming community is waiting for new details of God of War: Ragnarok , some pranksters are having fun coming up with fake “plums”. Today, for example, a post with plot spoilers went around the network , which allegedly told the famous insider Nick Baker (Nick Baker) in his ” secret Discord channel “.

Some details looked quite believable:

Several episodes with playable Artey;
As you progress, Kratos will receive the hammer Mjolnir and the spear Gungnir, and Atreus the Gjallarhorn horn;
Two graphics modes: 4K at 40 FPS and 1440p at 60 FPS;
There is no choice of difficulty, but there are “story” and one life modes.
Some are highly questionable:

Heimdall will be played by stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt;
First, Angrboda, the black girl from the first trailer, will be the villain. She “pumps” the main characters with hallucinogens, after which Kratos almost kills Artei, confusing him with Zeus;
At the beginning of the game, Kratos loses an eye because of Atreus: the boy missed when he shot at Thor;
Freya will chase the player in a similar fashion to Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 .


Later , Nick Baker himself got in touch. Even though the leak sounded like obvious banter, some insider followers took it seriously.

The game will release on November 9th for PS4 and PS5. Earlier, Mikhail Belyakovich, who voiced Kratos in the Russian version of God of War , spoke about the process of working on the sequel.
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