Classic Kratos lives on in Elden Ring, and is absolutely perfect

Classic Kratos lives on in Elden Ring, and is absolutely perfect

God of War , the PlayStation saga starring Kratos , needs no introduction, as does Elden Ring , From’s latest souls.

The latest production from the creators of the Dark Souls saga (which you can find on Amazon at a very low price) has in fact obtained the hoped-for success, also thanks to mods and creations of various kinds .

Just think of the one that included the legendary Link from the Zelda saga within the Interregnum, for a truly surprising result .

Not to mention that not even Darth Vader looks bad in FromSoftware’s soulslike , although now the turn of an equally particular (indeed, divine ) addition.

As reported by Game Rant , an Elden Ring player showed off a fantastic God of War build he created, which includes Kratos’ Blades of Chaos and the chains on his arms.

A redditor known as RiptideKuroki has in fact made the God of War in the soulslike of From, managing to replicate the character’s white skin and the red mark that is seen on his face.

Riptide Kuroki has also equipped the Elden Ring Magma Blades in both hands and the Zamor Bracelets on the arms, similar in all respects to the Blades of Chaos used by Kratos in various chapters of the series.

The end result is an incredible replica of Kratos, able to show what the famous PlayStation icon would be able to do in the world of Elden Ring .

My build for an Elden God of War, Kratos from Eldenring


Staying on the subject, have you seen that a fan shared a video a few weeks ago that shows an incredible mod dedicated to the classic God of War 3 but for the chapter released in 2018?

But not only that: it seems that soon we will be informed about the release date of the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok , sequel to the masterpiece released on PS4 and at the moment generally expected by the end of 2022 .

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