Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie review. The Multiverse We Deserve

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie review. The Multiverse We Deserve

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a Disney animated television series that ran from 1988 to 1990. People over 25 all over the world know and love a team of little rescue detectives who uncover dangerous crimes and conspiracies for three seasons. Like many other old franchises, Disney decided to revive this one. They chose an unusual format – a full-fledged film. However, there was no certainty of success, so the project was released immediately on the Disney + streaming service. I saw the picture and now I will tell you why you should see it too.

What was good about Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

The animated series was, as they say, of the old school – without complex characters, agenda and unnecessary subtexts. However, that didn’t make him bad. On the contrary, the adventures of the rescuers were great entertainment for both children and adults.

The general level of humor was designed for a younger audience, but some references, such as Al Capone or Indiana Jones, could only be appreciated by sophisticated adult viewers.

The concept behind Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers is simple – each episode was about 20 minutes long and was self-contained and complete. There were 65 episodes in total, which is quite impressive even by today’s standards.

The motley team consisted of very colorful characters. Two chipmunks – Chip and Dale – contrary to popular belief, are not relatives at all, but only friends. The image of Chip is inspired by Indiana Jones, so the animal always dressed in a jacket and a hat. Chip acted as the leader of the squad, in difficult situations he was always smarter, braver and more resourceful than his friend.

Jolly Dale wore an oversized Hawaiian shirt reminiscent of Detective Magnum, another popular character from the 80s. Chipmunk took his duties as a rescuer much less seriously than his brother, for which he regularly received scolding. All the main jokes of the cartoon were built on mutual jokes and rivalry between Chip and Dale.

The Australian mouse Roquefort was responsible for brute strength, and the only weakness of the big man was cheese. The smell of a wonderful product completely blew the roof off the mouse. Many of the opponents of the rescuers actively used this feature, which led to funny and sometimes very dangerous situations.

Rocky joined Chip and Dale along with his fly friends Zipper and Gadget. The only girl on the team was an inventor and was responsible for all the gadgets that the Chipmunks periodically used. She also designed the famous airplane from a bottle. The anthropomorphic mouse has become the main love interest not only of Chip and Dale, but of all boys up to 7 years old (and maybe older).

Zipper played a much smaller role in the plot. Only Roquefort understood his speech, so we don’t know much about the nature of the fly. However, Zipper was also an important member of the squad and regularly helped his friends out of difficult situations.

Among the enemies of the rescuers there was a place for bandits and mad scientists. The confrontation with them sometimes lasted for several series in a row, which made the antagonists an important part of the story, and not just passing dummies.

Unfortunately, the Disney bosses decided to focus on new projects, so Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers was closed, putting all the developments of the sequels in a box. Only in 2019 did the first rumors about a feature film appear, which was supposed to bring back the old heroes.

It is interesting that the “mouse studio” has been re-released their own franchises for quite some time. However, the result of such experiments is, to put it mildly, controversial. Suffice it to recall the scary realistic animals from The Lion King or the feminist Mulan.

But this only applies to full-length cartoons. With serials, the situation is completely different. The recent rethinking of DuckTales is one of the most interesting projects of recent times with a new full-fledged plot, unexpected twists and high-quality art. Fans are begging for a re-release in the same format of “Black Cape” (Darkwing Duck) and “Miracles on bends” (TaleSpin). Obviously this will happen soon.


But something strange happened to the chipmunks. The announcement of the reboot, where the heroes suddenly became dumb and turned into the most ordinary chipmunks from the forest, was so badly received by the audience that now there is no information about the series at all, as if it never existed. There was only one hope – the same film. Will the art change, will it be a rethinking or a full-fledged continuation, will someone seduce Gadget – there were too many questions left. There was no new information, so the fans could only hope that the team took the right direction.

The first trailer for “Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers” came as a complete surprise to everyone. Firstly, we combined real footage, CGI characters and classic art. Not only is it very difficult technically, it also required explaining a lot of details – firstly, how cartoons get along with people. Secondly, the concept has been completely redesigned. Chip and Dale became regular actors. They really starred in the old series, but 30 years have passed since then. In general, the degree of expectation went off scale. And it was worth it.

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