Card Shark | Review – Intrigues and hazards at the court of the king of France

Card Shark | Review – Intrigues and hazards at the court of the king of France

“Lies are by nature so fruitful that one wont give birth to a hundred” said Carlo Goldoni in his ” The Liar “, a maxim that is well suited to the Count of Saint-Germain, a fallen noble who does not show off his blood blue, a first-class scammer, a wizard of deception, a gambler with his own rules.

His wandering in search of the next victim leads him one day to a shabby inn in Pau, in the south of France, where right in front of a deck of cards, his fate will lead him to meet a young mute servant.

A badly played hand, an ace slipped under the eyes of the opponent and here the prestige vanishes and the owner of the tavern is at the expense of it, who after a brief quarrel lies lifeless on the floor.

The count and the voiceless boy have only one solution left: a hasty escape.

With this apparently casual encounter opens Card Shark, a sui generis adventure set in 1700 in France and born from the union of forces between Devolver Digital, Nerial – former authors of Reigns , which on Instant Gaming you can find declined à la Game of Thrones.

Fortunately escaped from the fatal quarrel, the young man without a language and without a name can do nothing but join the decayed count, also learn the art of fraud and let himself be drawn into the less noble side of French high society, between bourgeois and colonels who do not look forward to being plucked hand by hand.

What initially seemed like just a casual encounter soon reveals its true nature and the games in the good salons at the court of King Louis XV become a pretext to bring to light a gray story born right in the rooms of Versailles.

Given the importance of the figures involved, it is natural that those directly involved do not want to circulate too much the rumors about the alleged infidelity of his majesty and that to silence these stories they are ready to resort to means that are not too peaceful, such as the two protagonists they will discover along the blood-stained streets of France and beyond.

Between personal exchanges, disguises, secrets kept hidden in convents and unlikely sovereigns, Card Shark involves the player in an intriguing story , which takes shape piece by piece and that spares no twists, until a final revelation that we clearly don’t want to burn. , but on the contrary we advise you to enjoy up to the last page of this digital novel.

A unique style
We therefore prefer to leave you the pleasure of finding every skeleton kept in those baroque cabinets and skip the substance, focusing instead on the form and the unique narrative style of Card Shark .

The adventure experienced by the unlikely duo is a grand tour of the beggars, a reversal of those trips that the 18th century aristocracy loved to make in the most important cities of Europe, whose moral value is subverted here.

Instead of literary palaces and cafes, our carriage takes us to the rocky coasts of Corsica in the presence of unscrupulous brigands, in the field of a community of gypsies who know more than what transpires or, again, in the middle of a strange session held by Cagliostro himself, alchemist, swindler and just one of the many more or less historical characters who peep out on the stage of Card Shark .

The theatrical metaphor is carefully chosen, the same story is divided into several acts and each card game is staged as in a play, where the player watches as an active spectator the vicissitudes and vicissitudes that happen to the two protagonists along their way. , a path that also acts as a satirical insight into the hypocrisy of the wealthiest classes at the time of the Enlightenment.

Finally, Card Shark is also a picaresque novel , a literary genre in vogue precisely in the period in which the adventure is set. Through his personal letters, the anonymous apprentice – at least initially – tells from his point of view the misadventures of the Count and the shocking revelations about the king and, page after page, his handwriting becomes more orderly and clean, just to underline the growth path that led him from the slums of rural France to savor court life, with all its contradictions and hypocrisies.

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