Capcom Fighting Collection Review – Beat ’em up aged well

Capcom Fighting Collection Review – Beat ’em up aged well

Capcom cares a lot about its historical past: just think of how many different collections of old classics it has released in recent years. A behavior to be commended, given the importance of the catalog of the Japanese software house that has undoubtedly made the history of the video game and continues to do so today.

The 90s in particular saw the games of the Street Fighter house dominate in arcades all over the world and, given today’s difficulty in finding some titles released only on cabinet, collections that, parallel to emulation, are welcome. manage to preserve the historical heritage of the software house.


A new interesting collection called Capcom Fighting Collection has recently been released , containing ten historical fighting games in an updated and improved version with more modern options (including online play) available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. After trying the Nintendo Switch version, we’re here to tell you about this dive into the past of Capcom fighting games.

Great restored classics
The Capcom Fighting Collection is a collection of ten titles all from Capcom’s glorious 90s . Inside we have five chapters of Darkstalkers , with practically all the games in the saga released on a cabinet, including two never released outside of Japan.

There is also the definitive version of Street Fighter II , the original puzzle game Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and its derivative, which has returned to being a fighting game, Super Gem Fighter , to which are added two interesting Capcom experiments always in the ” picchiaduristico ”: Red Earth and Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness .

All the titles are shown in their arcade version, with the addition of many options that make them more affordable even for those who have never lived through the golden age of cabinets. The extra options are many : they range from the possibility for the nostalgic to use virtual tokens to play (but you can also select a free mode without tokens), up to the selection of the CPU difficulty and the number of playable rounds.

Also added a Training mode for almost all titles, so you can become familiar with the controls and moves of each character.

An important addition is that of being able to completely remap the commands for any game (except Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo , for obvious reasons) and in this case the possibility of recording simplified commands to make special moves has also been added, a trend that is becoming more and more common in newer fighting games. Now just press a button with a directional to make a Hadoken or a Shoryuken or to make the super move of any character. Since the Joy-Con of the Switch are not very suitable for a technical fighting game (and even the Pro Controller is not the best) this option is a salvation on the Nintendo console, especially if you play in portable mode.

There is also the possibility of creating a quick save at any time, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Save State of emulators, although the only limitation is that it is possible to have only one shared between all ten games, so you will have to necessarily overwrite the previous one to make a new one. Now let’s analyze in detail the titles in this collection.

The Darkstalkers in full force
Let’s start with the saga whose titles are present in greater numbers within the Capcom Fighting Collection , namely the Darkstalkers . These are five games in total:

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (1994)
Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge (1995)
Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire (1997)
Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers’ Revenge (1997)
Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire (1997)
The first three are the classic chapters of the saga that have also come to us in the West, the last two are variants released only in Japan, with a slightly different cast of characters. Although these two chapters, unpublished outside the Land of the Rising Sun , are interesting, they actually have nothing really significant except some different characters and little else, given that the mechanics are the same as the titles that have also come to us.

It would probably have been better to insert, instead of these two, some other historical games to increase the variety of the collection.

The Darkstalkers , despite their age, are always a pleasure to play , thanks to the much faster and longer combo gameplay than Street Fighter . Playing them in series you can see their evolution over the years, with different systems that still today are well made and also unusual for those used to the most classic fighting games.

In the later titles, for example, a fighter’s health does not regenerate after winning a round, but remains the same even if it is close to defeat. In this way the strategies to be implemented are very different from those of a classic fighting game.

The combo system , which allows you to chain the different attacks according to their degree of power, and the excellent characterization of the characters are then elements that influenced a few years after the explosion of the anime fighter , such as Guilty Gear and Melty Blood . Undoubtedly the Darkstalkers saga – or Vampire Savior if you prefer – is a strong and quality presence for this collection, in the hope that sooner or later the series will return with a new chapter.

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