Call of Duty could become open world in the future, or an RPG

Call of Duty could become open world in the future, or an RPG

The Call of Duty franchise is perhaps one of the most representative of the video game industry in general, and has always remained true to itself.

Beyond the Warzone revolution , whose gadgets have also invaded Amazon , fans of the series have always been able to count on an adrenaline-fueled gunplay .

The Warzone sequel promises this kind of experience again, along with a real revolution for battle royale .

And the new episode of the series, shown at the Summer Game Fest , could only be outdone with a trailer that makes things clear .

We are now used to seeing, with a certain regular cadence , a new Call of Duty that follows more or less everything we expect from the series.

New weapons, new scenarios, and maybe some gameplay news , but overall a perfect shooter for fans.

But the future may not always be like this, at least according to a job advertisement that appeared on the site of Infinity Ward , one of the development teams working on the saga.

A now-removed job posting (which also featured on Twitter as you see above) advertised a narrative director position, whose responsibilities included “the best narrative and cinematic experience in an open world RPG “.

The project, obviously not yet confirmed, appears to be at a very early stage . Infinity Ward has just finished searching for the above location, and there are 15 other locations required for the Krakow studio, but none of them related to this mysterious open world .


Could this be a clue to the future of Call of Duty ? Maybe a side project regarding the shooter saga, even if maybe it will be something completely new. If it were related to Call of Duty , however, it would be a considerable revolution .

A bit like the one that is investing Sonic Frontiers , which will not be postponed despite the poor performance.

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