Call of Duty, better original or in Unreal Engine 5? The comparison is clear

Call of Duty, better original or in Unreal Engine 5? The comparison is clear

Call of Duty is a much loved series, especially the first few chapters where multiplayer wasn’t the main focus of the experience.

Without taking anything away from titles such as Modern Warfare (which you can buy on offer on Amazon ), the classic episodes have a certainly unique charm that is difficult to replicate.

While the saga continues to look to the future thanks also to the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 2 , someone has recently decided to dust off the Second World War .

The now well-known Teaser Play has in fact fished out the historic Call of Duty 2 but in the splendor of Unreal Engine 5 , although now the content creator has published a second video in which he compares the original with its fan remake .

As also reported by DSO Gaming , TeaserPlay has shared a video that compares the original version of the game released in 2005 and that of the remake made for pleasure.

The video shows the graphical improvements made by the fan remake , demonstrating what independent developers can achieve with the latest Epic engine.

After all, we’re comparing a product from a triple A company to a remake made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts , not for profit.



To make Call of Duty 2 Remake , TeaserPlay has recreated a series of environments using the Lumen, Nanite and Ray Tracing features (as far as reflections are concerned) of the Unreal Engine 5.

The final result is, consequently, amazing , although at the moment Activision does not seem to have any intention of brushing up on the classic chapters of the COD franchise , especially those set during the Second World War (except for twists, of course).

Recall that TeaserPlay had recently also compared GTA 3 smooth, with its fan remake in UE5, revealing truly abysmal differences .

But not only that: the same content creator had fun also recreating an equally surprising next-gen version of GTA Vice City in Unreal Engine .

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