Bloodborne “revives” on PC, in another soulslike, thanks to the fans

Bloodborne “revives” on PC, in another soulslike, thanks to the fans

The Dark Souls saga has become a real cult over time, including the third installment of the From soulslike series.

Without taking anything away from Elden Ring (of which you can buy the beautiful Launch Edition on Amazon ), the most famous series by Miyazaki certainly needs no introduction.

This has led to the creation of more or less surprising mods dedicated to Dark Souls 3 , among which Ashen Blood stands out, truly remarkable .

Now, as reported by DSO Gaming , someone has brought to life another content made by fans and for fans, truly amazing and which winks at another classic like Bloodborne .

Modder “Bradysheaslays” has indeed released a brand new mod for Dark Souls 3 , called Dark Souls 3 – Fear The Old Blood , with the aim of making it look (and play) just like Bloodborne .

Going into detail, this mod overhauls all the features of Dark Souls 3 , changing the game’s lighting, weapons, outfits, music, and even the character’s movements.

For this reason, DS3 will now look just like an unofficial port of Bloodborne for PC, but with the necessary differences of course.

You can download Dark Souls 3 – Fear The Old Blood from this address , from now and totally free (our advice is to try it firsthand).

Staying on the subject, have you seen the concept trailer made by fans, in Unreal Engine 5 , of an elusive Dark Souls 4 ?

But not only that: a famous Star Wars author has recently revealed via social media that he will write the new book dedicated to the soulslike saga, entitled Dark Souls: Masque of Vindication .

Finally, in order not to miss anything, a few weeks ago our Adriano told us the story of Dark Souls II , a soulslike ‘wrong’ that is still much discussed.

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