The Big Snatch event starts in Crossout

Gaijin Entertainment announced the release of the “Snatch” update in the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout. It has a lot of innovations, including the new season of the Battle Pass and more.

The Big Snatch event starts in Crossout

The ninth season of the Battle Pass is dedicated to the confrontation between the factions of the Syndicate and the Steppenwolf. As part of this event, new parts for armored vehicles are expected. These are, for example, the huge SCM-5 Lavina assault mortar, the RA-1 Veresk artillery module with new volley fire mechanics, the Melnik heavy minigun, and the Omamori passive defense module. There will also be construction details and cosmetic items. The season will run until October 16th.

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Also, the new patch will add a redesigned partner system to the game. A total of eight new assistants are expected, each with their passive skills and talents. Some prefer close combat, while others – long-range. Some generally attack stealthily.

In addition, a reworked “Chase” raid is expected, which will deploy on the new map “Way of the Warrior”. There, four Survivors sided with the Syndicate, they need to stop and rob the Steppenwolf convoy. Two trucks need to be captured before they leave the map.

On the new PvP map “Peaceful Atom”, battles take place in an industrial zone, where there are dilapidated hangars, old rails, and dilapidated wagons, as well as resources.
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