The most beloved Marvel superhero could return with a great new game

The most beloved Marvel superhero could return with a great new game

Even Iron Man could finally be ready to return to action on consoles and PCs with a new game: according to the latest rumors, it seems that Electronic Arts is ready to get to work to create a new adventure dedicated to the most beloved Marvel hero.

Recall that the superhero has already made his appearance in multiple video games inspired by the universe of the house of ideas, such as the unfortunate Marvel’s Avengers ( which you can find on offer on Amazon ) or his dedicated virtual reality chapter, Marvel’s Iron Man VR. 

For some time now the rumors that Electronic Arts would like to work on a new Marvel video game have been chasing stronger and stronger , with the first clues that have leaked in the last hours.

Journalist Jeff Grubb had already anticipated that this game would be dedicated to Black Panther , but according to further rumors, Tony Stark would also be ready to receive a new videogame adaptation.

As reported by Game Rant , further rumors have spread that Black Panther would not be the only game actually scheduled, which may have also been confirmed in these hours by the reliable insider Tom Henderson:

“I’ve heard a couple of rumors that [the new game] is Iron Man , but I’ve never had anything really concrete to report.

For now, catalog it heavily as a “rumor” and if I hear or see new concrete information I will make an appropriate report. I thought it was worth mentioning . ‘


By the admission, therefore, of Henderson himself, at the moment no concrete evidence has yet emerged that would confirm the development of a new video game dedicated to Iron Man , even if the hypothesis seems to have been circulating for some time.

For the moment, we can not help but suggest, as usual, to take the news with due precautions : as soon as further rumors or an official press release arrive, we will keep you promptly updated on our pages.

Waiting to find out how this ambitious new product will eventually be, we remind you that some fans have already made a tech demo in Unreal Engine 5 with Iron Man protagonist , which you can try for free.

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