Bayonetta 3, definitive launch date coming? There is an important clue

Bayonetta 3, definitive launch date coming? There is an important clue

The 2022 of Nintendo Switch is proving to be decidedly rich in release, but there is one game in particular on which fans are now anxiously awaiting confirmation on the launch date : we are of course talking about Bayonetta 3 , the last episode dedicated to the PlatinumGames iconic franchise.

The third chapter of the saga will follow the example of the second episode and will be available exclusively on Switch (you can recover the first two titles in a single package on Amazon ): after a long absence lasting several years from the last announcement, Nintendo has now confirmed that the latest adventure of the beloved witch will be available in 2022 .

However, the launch window has been a source of skepticism for the community, given the new lack of information in recent weeks, but the Kyoto house has confirmed on several occasions that the release of Bayonetta 3 is still scheduled for this year .

In the last few hours, however, some fans have made a very interesting discovery: the American Nintendo Store could in fact have provided an important clue about a new announcement shortly concerning the third adventure of PlatinumGames (via ComicBook ).

The home page of the Switch store has in fact shown Bayonetta 3 on top of all the other games that can be purchased : a definitely unusual event, given that not even a launch date has yet been formalized.

To give an idea of ​​the importance of this novelty, it is enough to emphasize that the exclusive wait has positioned itself in front of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Edition , which has literally crashed the page in the past few hours, and also in the head of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet : you can observe this curious positioning yourself at the following address .

For several days there have been rumors about the possible arrival of a new Nintendo Direct next week: for this reason, many fans are convinced that one of the main games would be Bayonetta 3 and that the update of the Store would represent a strong clue.

However, remember that at the moment these are mere speculations : it could in fact have been an error , since this event only happened in the American version of the online store.

We therefore recommend that you take the news with due precautions : if a new Nintendo event or an official launch date should be announced, we will naturally keep you updated on our pages.

Meanwhile, Hideki Kamiya has recommended fans to pass the wait by playing the first two chapters of the series : only in this way can you truly enjoy the third episode at 100%.

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