Battlefield, the single player campaign will be curated by the creator of Halo

Battlefield, the single player campaign will be curated by the creator of Halo

The future of Battlefield is sure, but we still don’t know how the franchise will evolve after the performances of the last episode.

Battlefield 2042 , which you can find on Amazon , has caused a lot of discussion in the community despite the good hopes of Electronic Arts and DICE .

While willing to support him, the developer and publisher have admitted that they are facing a flop while preparing for the new project .

A commitment that will be total because, as recently revealed , DICE will not work anything other than projects dedicated to the world of Battlefield .

The new episode of the shooter will certainly have to regain the trust of all the fans , and it will have to do it even with a great single player campaign.

An element that has always been important in the various Battlefields , and that in the next episode may have very important support.

As reported by Dualshockers , in fact, the co-creator of Halo will be responsible for the single player campaign of the new Battlefield .

Electronic Arts has posted a job posting for a Design Director position, for what is referred to as the Seattle studio.

The position is described as leading the campaign design team for a new Battlefield .

Although little is known about this Seattle-based team, in October 2021 Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the Halo franchise and art director of the original trilogy, said in the past that he would join EA as game director for a new studio. Seattle, who would work on first-person games.

This is certainly a significant addition to the DICE franchise , with a pro who helped create one of the most popular shooters ever.

The latest episode , curiously, is just waiting for an important update for the single player campaign .

Speaking of future Electronic Arts video games , it seems that among the new projects there will also be a video game dedicated to a Marvel franchise .

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