Battlefield 2042 wants to “resurrect”: patch 1.0.0 available today with lots of new features.

Battlefield 2042 wants to “resurrect”: patch 1.0.0 available today with lots of new features.


Although the launch did not live up to expectations, Electronic Arts and DICE absolutely do not want to give up Battlefield 2042 : starting today, the highly anticipated 1.0.0 patch will be available , which intends to almost totally revolutionize the first-person shooter.

The latest chapter of the popular series ( you can buy it on offer with fast delivery on Amazon ) was not in fact welcomed with enthusiasm by the fans, to the point that the developers themselves had to admit the flop on more than one occasion : however it is evident that DICE still believes in its potential, as demonstrated by the important changelog released in these hours.

On the occasion of the announcement that they had put an end to one of the most important new features , the developers had admitted that they would focus their efforts only on the aspects in which the players had shown the greatest interest : the intent of patch 1.0. 0 would therefore seem to be just that.

In fact, one of the most important changes will concern the netcode : the official changelog in fact reports that the recording of shots fired has been improved, thus mitigating the annoying problems of lag, as well as having specially balanced some specific weapons.

Among the most important innovations reported by Electronic Arts there are also the changes to the gameplay of the Soldier , which will now involve much smoother animations and movements.

Multiple XP events have also been added , which will reward different actions such as finishing a wounded enemy or destroying a damaged enemy vehicle: even actions like healing our allies will now award much more experience (via GamingBolt ).

Conquest mode has also received one of the most anticipated changes from the community: now it will be possible to find a greater number of vehicles , ideal for covering large areas of the map as quickly as possible.

One of the operators that has received the most changes is Sundance : its Wingsuit has become easier to maneuver, but to make this specialist more unique the EMP Field Smart Explosive has been removed .

In the next few hours Season 1 will also be officially unveiled , which according to the latest rumors should be available starting from 9 June: if you want to carefully check all the news, you can consult the complete changelog in English at the following address .

The 1.0.0 update is not yet online, but it will be available in the next few hours today : we will see if it can win back users and delete an unenviable negative record .

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