Battlefield 2042 is a flop, but EA does not give up: a new chapter is coming

Battlefield 2042 is a flop, but EA does not give up: a new chapter is coming

The bad launch of Battlefield 2042 , now admitted even by the publisher itself, risked strongly compromising one of the strongest brands available to EA, which would already be working on the next steps to relaunch the brand.

For this reason, according to the latest rumors, it seems that Electronic Arts are already preparing for the possible launch of the successor of Battlefield 2042 ( you can buy it on offer on Amazon ), for which a longer wait would be necessary.

After all, after the publisher has already admitted that the title is a flop that did not meet expectations , with the passing of the months it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to raise it.

And therefore, even if publicly the company declares to have full confidence that Battlefield 2042 will be fixed , the developers would understandably be planning strategies for the future, with a new chapter coming out.

The insider Tom Henderson has in fact reported on WhatIfGaming that EA would have decided to take as much time as possible to better plan the launch of a new episode, precisely in order not to fall into the same mistakes as Battlefield 2042 .

The initial plan would have been to have the new episode ready as early as 2023, but due to the latest developments, the publisher would have decided to postpone everything to 2024 .

Definitely a significant decision, especially considering that 2023 should be the first year without a major release of Call of Duty : it would have been a perfect opportunity to make a new Battlefield available , thus trying to impose itself on the competition.

But EA stated in the last financial call that it is strongly aiming at the growth of the brand for the next few years : a too hasty launch of the next Battlefield could have consequences that are difficult to heal, especially after the bad reception of the last chapter.

Of course, at the moment no official announcement has arrived on a new episode and we invite you to take the indiscretion with the necessary precautions : if further news arrives, we will keep you promptly updated on our pages.

Surely we cannot hide the desire to put this ugly misadventure behind us: in these days it has in fact reached the worst possible record .

However, it is worth remembering that, as we told you in our special, in the end Battlefield 2042 is not a bad game . However, as was easy to predict, too many mistakes made at launch blocked the time it took to mature.

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