Assassin’s Creed, the first chapter hides a “creepy” secret

Assassin’s Creed, the first chapter hides a “creepy” secret

The first chapter of Assassin’s Creed proved to be a truly impressive success, quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon and contributing to the creation of one of the most important franchises not only for Ubisoft, but for the entire videogame landscape.

The saga has thus managed to evolve and approach continuous improvements, up to the very recent Assassin’s Creed Valhalla ( which you can buy in fast delivery on Amazon ), but for the first historical adventure of Altaïr several technical compromises were necessary.

This was revealed by Charles Randall , former Ubisoft developer who worked on the very first historical adventure of the franchise, of which he revealed a truly ” creepy ” secret , at least in terms of programming (via Rock Paper Shotgun ).

One of the most important features of the title was in fact the possibility of exploring the vast game world even on horseback : well, these creatures would actually be… human skeletons .

Due to a technical limitation, the tools used by Ubisoft made it possible to program actions linked exclusively to ” bipedal ” characters, thus requiring considerable ingenuity to adapt real human skeletons and transform them, only visually, into horses.

Charles Randall has in fact confirmed that all the majestic creatures that Altaïr has ridden up to that moment were real people , congratulating the animators for being able to hide everything from the players.


Horses were often the protagonists of the funniest and craziest glitches in the first Assassin’s Creed : after discovering this secret, certainly many technical limitations take on a new meaning.

A background that is certainly very interesting, but equally disturbing: we are in fact certain that, if you choose to go back to being Altaïr, you will probably no longer be able to see horses in the same way.

In any case, it is certainly one of the most important titles ever: it has managed to inspire a saga that, according to many fans, should go back to its origins .

While waiting to find out what the next news will be, we report that a new content of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be available for free .

If you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, we also point out that you can download Assassin’s Creed Origins for free , which has recently been updated with the appropriate next-gen patch.

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